What We Teach


11 plus Exam (Year 4, 5)

11 plus exam is generally given by pupils in the last year of one’s primary school, who are looking to gain a state-funded grammar school place. We offer 11 plus tuition to our students in a perfect manner so that one can gain the best-desired result and win the competition.

  • Building strong foundation in Mathematics, Comprehension, and Vocabulary required for 11 Plus exam
  • Mastering Numerical Reasoning and Data Handling Skills – Mastering Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning skills
  • Teaching students about time management and coping with exam pressure
  • 11plus Mock Practice in real exam condition
  • One-to-one sessions


11 plus foundation (Year 3)

The 11 plus foundation is an examination, which is administered for the students in the last year of the primary section. It generally deals with year 3 courses, which include Mathematics, vocabulary, and comprehension.  The students of Reading, Berkshire gets the benefit of availing the scope of such courses so that they can learn up the subjects in the perfect manner and also compete equally with others without lacking behind. The courses of 11 plus are perfectly provided so that, one can get a basic idea of the course and have a clear idea regarding the courses.

  • Building foundation in Mathematics, Comprehension, and Vocabulary required for 11plus exam
  • KS2 Mathematics and English courses


KS3 (Year 7, 8, 9)

KS3 is the legal term for the three years of schooling in proper and appropriate schools in England. It generally deals with Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9 when pupils are generally aged between year 11 and year 14. Such courses allow a student to have a proper base so that they can learn up the things in an easy and appropriate manner and make one feel confident about the same.

  • Topic-based study for Mathematics and Science
  • Topic-based exam practice
  • GCSC mock exam practice


Secondary School Beginners (Year6)

We assist students in learning Year 6 courses, which generally includes Mathematics and all other Science courses that are included and are applied for passing Secondary school examinations. We offer proper and appropriate education system so that your kid gets appropriate marks and make them prepared to face exams and compete perfectly in the education field in the perfect way. Our professional teachers build confidence in one.