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JSK tuition classes deliver coaching for 11+ grammar school exams, KS2, KS3 and KS4 courses. We pride ourselves on providing a very high standard of coaching for these courses and the results are the testament of our teaching quality and professionalism. We have experienced professionals who provide Grammar School Tuition and make a student be an expert in the field. JSK tuition classes specialise in 11+ exams for grammar and independent schools. We understand that the move from Primary school to Secondary school is stressful and demanding for both students and parents. This is further compounded by the pressure of getting into grammar school or one of the best state secondary school. Keeping these factors in mind we focus on improving overall understanding and knowledge of Maths, English and Science. Kendrick School courses are also offered by our experts, who know the value of making a student’s base strong so that they can face any competition without much difficulty and be at the top of the race. Our courses ensure that student master numeracy skills and comprehension skills, overcome the fear of mental maths, have a strong vocabulary, can deal with verbal and non-verbal reasoning techniques and understand the concept of Science and its applications. In a true sense, we make sure that students are not only benefitted for their 11+ exams but also build a strong foundation for their secondary school education as well. Reading Boys Schools courses are perfectly taken up and followed by the teaching experts of our private tutors so that they do not miss any kind of particular course on the go, and a student well supported with the same. Our teaching includes one-to-one session, group class, regular homework, continuous assessment and feedback and mock exams. Our group class provides enough motivation to the student to go the extra mile in achieving the objectives and give them a feeling of competition.

About Us

A JSK Tuition class, based in Lower Earley, is home run business providing tuition for 11plus Grammar school entrance exam, KS2, KS3 and KS4. Teaching is not only our profession but is our passion also. We believe every student is unique and need proper guidance and encouragement to blossom. We have made this as our mission to bring out best from every student and to achieve it we use all possible combination of teaching techniques that includes:

  • One-to-one session to improve specific topics in Maths, verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning and Science.
  • Group session to instil a sense of competition.
  • Realistic mock test to remove the exam fear and build confidence.
  • Continuous feedback and review sessions with students and parents to identify and work upon weak areas and provide enough homework.

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Service We Offer


Our specialty is tuition for 11plus Grammar school entrance exam. Though the course focuses completely on the 11plus exams but inherently this course will increase student’s general knowledge, concept and understanding of other subjects. This is very important in secondary school education.

11plus foundation

This course is suitable for Year 3 students. This course provides very strong foundation in English, Maths and Science which forms the basic building blocks for 11plus exams. This course covers more than what is required for KS2 SATS.

GCSE Foundation

This course is suitable for students in Year 7, 8 and 9. This course covers KS4 Maths and all three Science subjects.

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My daughter learned in two months what she couldn't learn in other tuition classes in more than a year. The one-to-one and group session boosted her subject knowledge and ability to cope with time pressure. It would give 100% credit to Sunita for selection of my daughter in every grammar school exam she attempted, Kendrick, Slough, NonSuch, Buckinghamshire to name few. Consider me as one of your marketing agent. I would highly recommend you for 11plus tuition.
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