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11plus: Our specialty is tuition for 11plus Grammar school entrance exam. Though the course focuses completely on the 11plus exams but inherently this course will increase student’s general knowledge and concept and understanding of other subjects. This is very important in secondary school education.

11plus foundation: This course is suitable for Year 3 students. This course provides very strong foundation in English, Maths and Science which forms the basic building blocks for 11plus exams. This course covers more than what is required for KS2 SATS.

GCSE Foundation: This course is suitable for students in Year 7, 8 and 9. This course covers KS4 Maths and all three Science subjects.


Who are we?

A JSK Tuition class, based in Lower Earley, is home run business providing tuition for 11plus Grammar school entrance exam, KS2, KS3 and KS4. Teaching is not only our profession but is our passion also. We believe every student is unique and need proper guidance and encouragement to blossom. We have made this as our mission to bring out best from every student and to achieve it we use all possible combination of teaching techniques that includes.

  • One-to-one session to improve specific topics in Maths, verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning and Science.
  • Group session to instil a sense of competition.
  • Realistic mock test to remove the exam fear and build confidence.
  • Continuous feedback and review sessions with students and parents to identify and work upon weak areas and provide enough homework.

Our Teachers


Ravi Mishra



Sunita Mishra